To the problem of Inflation, there is a solution. And it’s perfect in every way imaginable.

At first glance, Inflation seems hopeless. It constitutes an insidious, pernicious cancer growing on society at large, draining what’s left of our prosperity, mortgaging our future, and continuously eroding our material and spiritual well-being. This is not some spontaneous, uncontrollable force arising from God, or nature, or capitalism — it is a direct result of our governments’ and banks’ choices to inflate our currency for their own gain. …

The money we use is fake; the consequences are real.

For most of my life, the question of “What is money?” barely ever occurred to me. I took for granted that the stuff we use for money is indeed money. I learned in economics that money is a tool for trade, and whatever we choose to use — whether that’s beads, gold, cows, or paper — as long as everyone believes it’s money, then it’s money, and that’s all that matters. Most people, whether they take economics or not, go from the cradle to the grave believing this, and I almost did, too. …

How owning and operating a small brewery led to profound revelations about our economy and daily life

Our adventure in this brewery has been fulfilling in many ways, some of which I had never anticipated. We chose this path because we wanted to do something consistent with our interests, something that we could pursue together, and something that would give us the satisfaction from knowing that we’ve made a positive difference in the world, no matter how slight that difference may be and no matter how few people notice or appreciate it. Selfishly, we also wanted more sovereignty — we wanted to control our own destiny with as few intermediaries as possible. And, perhaps foolishly, we wanted something challenging — a craft whose mastery would be a life-long pursuit, and a small business with enough challenges (opportunities!) …

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Greetings, friends. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here. In COVID time, it’s been years. While there’s been plenty to write about, I’ve found the discourse around COVID to be increasingly depressing and tired, and I did not wish to add to it. But, given that COVID has been the issue dominating our lives for the intervening period, what else could I write about today?

So much has happened that a proper accounting of all the shut-downs, reopenings, re-shutdowns, mandates, case spikes, etc. would be exhausting. But we can summarize by recounting the most dramatic event as it pertains to our brewery. After reopening in late May, and responding to a rise in COVID cases in Texas, our Governor called for a re-closing. …


John Holler

Co-founder, Holler Brewing Co

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